Site Rules and Regulations

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Site Rules and Regulations

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 19, 2015 4:13 pm

Site Rules and Regulations

1.Have fun and give others their fun. I know this is very generic but that IS what people are here for, or should be here for. This rule includes : No spamming, No flaming, no power playing, no making Mary Sue characters or Gary Stew characters, no breaking the rules and no cheating.

2. If you disagree with someone, that is your right. I refuse to make a rule that disallows people to argue with Admins or moderators or combat Judges, because you CAN. This rule is directed mostly at the mods, admins and combat Judges, YOU WILL LISTEN TO THE USERS THAT DISAGREE WITH YOU AND EITHER PROVE THEM WRONG OR CHANGE YOUR DECISION!

3. Read the posts of players that are in direct connection to your character and/or your characters location, mission or storyline. There is nothing more irritating that roleplaying something and having others around you completely neglect it and thus creating a contradiction in storyline. READ OTHER PEOPLE'S POSTS! That being said, means don't just quickly browse through them, have some respect and some common sense and READ!

4. The idea of this sites staff is to only at the start moderate it and slowly by bit let it go into the players hands and only resort to roleplaying and Battle Judging. Off course at first we will make Villains and/or opponents and higher ups so that the world can function correctly and be interesting to play in, but we wish for nothing more than for the players to take over these positions ASAP. Not a moderator roleplaying the Hokage giving out missions, but a player playing the Hokage giving out missions to teams of players, not admin created evil organizations but organizations of missing nin composed of player's characters.
As an admin of this site you should always keep this progress in mind and help the site and story progress towards it. As a player you also should keep this duty in mind.

5. No posting pornography, nudity or over the top gore-ish images or lyrics. This site will not allow it.

6. Don't spam the admins , wait and give us time to reply. (3 day limit for Side quests and Missions, 1 day for battle Judgment. If it takes a minute longer that that you can PM and notify us.)

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