Construction and Limited Access

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Construction and Limited Access

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 19, 2015 4:10 pm

Dear guests,

Though we welcome you on the continuation of the Neo Naruto forums, this site, its game system and the general lay-out is still under construction. We hope to continue play in a few weeks.

That being said, we will open with very limited access. Due to only having one story admin at the time of writing, we will only accept a total of max 2 teams, both situated in Suna.

However, we still welcome you on the forum for discussions and talks. Should we find a suitable story admin, there might be additional teams/villages opening up. Should you want to apply for this position, please register and open a topic in the Discussion and Question sections of this forum.

Despite this news, the admins hope you'll have a great time on the forums!

Kind Regards,


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